Infectious Disease

Infectious disease (ID) represents one of the major causes of death in the world. The growth of ID incidence has lead to a continuous need for novel diagnostic tests to new agents and improvement in performances of those already on the market. In addition, the increased number of diagnostic tests performed every day in a routine lab has elicited the demand for tests that are easy to perform and quick in providing results for faster diagnosis and therapy. Infectious disease serology means determination of antibodies to different pathogens with the following aims: to assess the presence of ongoing infection or to follow progression of the disease to assess the immune status.

In 1970 DiaSorin began the development of Infectious Disease products designed for use with ELISA technology. Since 2001 it has launched a broad array of new CLIA products, with unique infectious disease assays for use on the LIAISON® systems

All DiaSorin Infectious Disease products are registered in compliance with the European CE mark rules with commercially available assays in the US having FDA clearance.