EVOlyzer 2-150/8



Freedom EVOlyzer® 2-150/8 with disposable tips

Is the configuration proposed by DiaSorin to automate microplate- based ELISAs, producing accurate and reliable results. The instrument adopts a sophisticated software for simple process control.
Freedom EVOlution™ Software Run Control, the Freedom EVOlyzer’s software is easy to use and guides you through the sample processing, step by step.
Freedom EVOlyzer with DiaSorin Murex assays (ELISA) on board meets the needs of blood banks, by the combination of instrument safety and reliability with reagents of high quality.
The washing and reading steps are performed through HydroFlex™ system washers and  Sunrise microplate reader.
The platform’s HydroFlex™ system washes the microplates in full plate or strip mode. Up to four different washing buffers can be used.
A Sunrise microplate reader evaluates each assay at the end of the reaction, using the Magellan™ data reduction software. The instrument can also be used for verification of dispensing during processing.

Keep track of all your samples:
PosID™ positive identification barcode reading and tracks all your samples, throughout the entire process, providing full sample traceability for your records. Processing of new samples during the starter run is possible.

You can count on:

•      DiaSorin expertise
•      TECAN reliability
•      Murex Quality
•      High productivity
•      High speed processing and dual parallel arm design