The LIAISON® analyzer combines a flexible operating module with a broad menu of assays and leads to high efficiency due to its long walk-away time.
The possibility to run up to 15 different assays  at a time provides rational everyday testing even with a small number of samples.
The LIAISON® Analyzer is easy to use due to its touch-screen monitor, clear software structure and reagent Integral which contains all assay-specific reagents.
Designed for immunoassay testing, LIAISON® Analyzer adopts a “Flash” chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) with a paramagnetic microparticle solid phase (MP).
Efficient from the start, the LIAISON® Analyzer allows the continuous loading of samples, reagents and the workload may be processed in random access or batch mode.
All assay methods are based on an internal Master Curve with 2-point calibration.
Autodilution, rerun and reflex testing are performed by operator request and automatically performed by the system. The LIAISON® system also has a STAT function in order to improve the efficiency of the laboratory.
DiaSorin offer a wide range of tests on the LIAISON® Analyzer.