Middleware DiaLink 3000



The evolution of the clinical pathology laboratory has been one long progression of advances in technology. Modern laboratories need an adequate level of organization to achieve quality and efficiency objectives and maintain complete control and traceability of their activities.
DiaLink 3000 is the middleware solution developed by DiaSorin and Vision Sisge to manage DiaSorin analysers in a Clinical Pathology Laboratory, in connection with a LIS or not. Through DiaLink 3000 the laboratory can interface, to each workstation, up to 4 heterogeneous DiaSorin analyzers (or other serial devices) via RS232 and unlimited analyzers via file transfer.
DiaLink 3000 gives users full control of the analyzers and offers an organizational solution to manage each step of the daily routine.
Moreover DiaLink 3000 can optionally track all changes made by users to patient and analytical data.
Improve the efficiency of your process, minimize the cost, and maintain full control of the activities.