Committed to efficiency

Excellence is our ambition  

DiaSorin is committed to providing laboratory services and solutions with a menu of over 100 assays


1. Share your objectives

Professional simulator software programs that allow DiaSorin laboratory specialists to develop efficient projects based on individual laboratory specifications and defined efficiency targets. Every laboratory is different and we work closely with you to tailor every project and meet your specific needs. DiaSorin personnel continuously support the activities of their customer in order to optimize operations, improve effectiveness, and eliminate waste.


2. Educational training

DiaSorin offers classroom-based education to our customers at several training centers in every country. We recognize the importance of the training programs and we are focused on delivering sessions that help your key operators to understand our instruments and reagents.



3. Professional customer support

In the modern healthcare environment, every moment counts and every different phase of activity needs professional resources to be able to provide you with the best practical solution. DiaSorin will be a solid partner for you, helping to create efficiency in your process. Our System Specialist and Service Engineers establish a daily added value through the monitoring and optimization of the instrument performance.

FLEXIBLE range of service solutions designed to meet high-quality operational needs.
QUICK and customized response from our large service force deployed strategically to help you to maintain high instruments uptime.
RELIABLE results from highly-trained field engineers who maintain and repair your instrument with precision and speed — every time.
SMOOTH access to technical support, so instrument issues can be managed effectively as they arise.
ORIGINAL DiaSorin parts, so you’ll receive the right revision for your equipment.
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE agreement provides scheduled maintenance for the selected instrument; thanks to this activity we can help prevent costly repairs, increase uptime of equipment and ensure patient safety. 


4. World-class service at the click of a mouse

Save time, improve efficiency by Remote Support Service: Bomgar

DiaSorin offers the possibility to connect the LIAISON® systems to our Service center to reduce time and improve efficiency

  • More than half of instrument issues are resolved
  • Allows the DiaSorin Service Engineer to arrive with all the necessary materials to speed up the repair process
  • The encrypted connection is established directly between you and DiaSorin
  • All you need is a secure outbound connection to the internet
  • DOES NOT recalculate, modify or print patient related information
  • DOES NOT transmit confidential information outside of the laboratory
  • DOES NOT access your system without your permission


5. We speak easy, We speak green

A reserved area on the DiaSorin web-site to download all the documents and instructions for use related to our reagents. Easy and quick, through Dialog, DiaSorin confirms its attention to the environment with a new way to share information with “zero impact”.


DiaSorin competence, professionalism and enthusiasm are our commitment to deliver excellence in your laboratory.