The innovative new solution for accurate and rapid differentiation between bacterial and viral infections

Increased antimicrobial resistance is one of the key healthcare challenges around the world.

Largely driven by the overuse of antibiotics, it often results from the misdiagnosis of disease etiology due to the difficulty in quickly identifying whether an infection is viral or bacterial. This not only alters the trajectory of patient care, it can lead to potentially detrimental consequences for the patient, the healthcare system and society.

By helping physicians quickly and accurately differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, DiaSorin’s new LIAISON® MeMed BV® chemiluminescent serology technology delivers a concrete solution to reaching more-informed patient management decisions. 

LIAISON® MeMed BV® easily and automatically confirms the source of a patient’s infection. 

It is the first high-throughput, high-quality CLIA test designed to quickly differentiate between bacterial and viral infections in a single procedure using the automated LIAISON® family of analyzers. The innovative solution integrates three key host-immune protein measurements (TRAIL, IP-10 and CRP) with a powerful machine learning algorithm, to produce fast, standardized and straightforward diagnostic results. 

LIAISON® MeMed BV® – supporting your decision-making while fighting the problem of antimicrobial resistance.




The new test enables physicians to accurately differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, thus supporting fast and more-informed treatment and patient ma nagement decisions.
This innovative solution is now available on the DiaSorin LIAISON® XL analyzer.


A visual graphic to help the score interpretation

LIAISON® MeMed BV®- Packaging

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