DiaSorin History

DiaSorin History is a unique history of "great technical know-how" continuously updated and developed, is an history of looking for new contents combined with a strong customer service able to offer our customers top-notch quality products.
It is a story of courageous and farsighted management decisions based on a clear vision of the distinctive aspects of the Company, concrete strategies combined with a capacity of implementation based on the credibility of who does what he says he wants to do.
All this while remaining faithful to its mission of "Diagnostic Specialist".

DiaSorin History is a unique history of "Value Creation" realized through an attitude to develop  our core business: high quality products to serve our Customer.
Of course, over the years the development of our core business was possible thanks to a natural attitude to develop our People, the Talents of each.
It is so that people who share the Values of the Company and live DiaSorin with that entrepreneurial spirit that is inherent in its history can feel involved in shaping the Company's future, a company in which, with their Talents, each of our colleagues has the opportunity to leave the own human and professional footprint.

DiaSorin History is a unique story of women and men with a passion for their work, who every day share their Talents with colleagues to enrich the heritage of intelligence, energy and skills to create DiaSorin tests that every second five people encounter to improve their health.
With this awareness of our mission, every day we begin our work with a smile, ready to learn to grow, with the motivation of those who know they know, but with the desire to accomplish  a professional and human fulfillment in a work environment of excellence.

The Uniqueness of DiaSorin is the portfolio of its People’s Talents, a mix of Leadership, technical and managerial skills that ensure the sustainability of our Company in the years to come.
"Learning to Develop your Talents" is our Commitment, to continue to be Unique in the future.