Corporate Molecular Laboratory Technician - Gerenzano (VA) until Oct 2022. Bresso (MI) permanent location, Italy - ITA 2022-024

Job Title

Corporate Molecular Laboratory Technician

Job Facts

Organizational Area
Country / State
Place of work
Gerenzano (VA) until Oct 2022. Bresso (MI) permanent location
Home/Office based
Office based

Professional Family: 

  • R&D - Immuno
Reporting To
olecular & Cell Biology Group Leader, Research Manager

Kind of contract

Full Time / Part Time
Full Time
Permanent / Temporary
Job ID
ITA 2022-024

Job Scope

Your Mission

Responsible for performing cell and molecular biology experiments, including plasmid cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, manipulation of vectors for recombinant protein expression, cell transfection, mammalian cell culture and basic immunoanalytical (ELISA), biochemistry and cell based assays. Produce reliable, precise, and carefully recorded data to support Molecular and Cell Biology Group scientific investigations. Interpret and present findings to colleagues and supervisors.

Main Responsibilities

Your Contributions
  • conducting and supporting scientific investigations and experiments: perform experiments at the bench level including but not limited to microbial culture, mammalian cell culture, PCR, RT-PCR, molecular biology, RNA and DNA extractions, cell transfection, recombinant protein expression and immunoassay.
  • planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials.
  • recording and analyzing data.
  • troubleshooting and solving scientific problems jointly with senior staff.
  • operating and maintaining lab equipment independently
  • writing reports and summaries
  • keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments.
  • maintains laboratory notebook and follows all general and laboratory SOPs.
  • participate in laboratory meetings and planning sessions.

Qualifications Experience Personal Strengths Mobility

Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree
Biology/Biotechnology or related field

Minimum 1-2 years working experience with cell biology techniques

Technical Competencies
  • Proficiency in basic cell and molecular biology techniques
  • Experience in recombinant protein expression in eukaryotic cells highly desirable
  • Seasoned experience using Microsoft Power Point, Work and Excel and basic bioinformatics tools
  • Independence
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Good teamworking skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management
  • High commitment and willingness to learn
  • Accuracy, comprehension of technical issues in molecular and cell biology areas
good spoken and written Italian / English
Travel Availability
Some travels may be requested
Relocation Availability
Not required
Training Required

Induction Program Once Hired


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