DiaSorin Italia S.p.A.

Via Crescentino
13040 Saluggia (Vercelli)

Central switchboard +39.0161.487093

Type of sites: 

  • Industrial site
  • R&D Sites
Key competences
Strong core competence on rare reagent management. We produce internally the majority of our critical biological raw materials with a strong expertise in: - mammalian cell culture for the production of viruses, natural and recombinant proteins - fermentation of bacteria and yeasts to obtain recombinant antigens - fermentation of insect cell culture to produce antigens with Baculovirus technology - monoclonal antibodies production both in vivo (mice) and in vitro (hollow fiber system). Strong biochemistry expertise for the labeling (conjugation of antigens and antibodies) and for the purification of biological raw material. Capability of developing products with tight time to market and of the whole Supply Chain Management


  • CLIA

Clinical areas: 

  • ID/Torch/Hepatis/ID/Torch/Hepatis/EBV/treponema

Since early ’70 DiaSorin (at that time Diagnostic division of Sorin Biomedica) has started developing diagnostic kits based on RIA technology and rare reagents expertise. Following market development, DiaSorin S.p.A. shifted first to Elisa technology from the ’80, and later to CLIA after Byk Santec and rights to LIAISON® platform acquisition in 2002.