DiaSorin Ireland

Unit 13/14 Holly Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Park, Blackrock, Co.Dublin. Ireland.

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Type of sites: 

  • R&D Molecular Diagnostics sites
  • Industrial site
Key competences
DiaSorin Ireland (formerly Biotrin International) has a very successful history of developing niche Immuno Assays, some of which became best-in-class worldwide from both a quality and commercial standpoint. These skills have more recently been transferred into Molecular Diagnostic Test and Instrument Development. DiaSorin Ireland's core competencies lie in Product Development, Regulatory compliance, high quality and reliable Manufacturing. These skills are currently being applied to Molecular Diagnostic Product Development and Manufacturing, where it is anticipated, our success in Parvovirus Immuno Assays will be reproduced for Molecular Infectious Disease and Oncology.


  • Q-LAMP
  • IFA

Biotrin was founded in 1992 to provide Immuno Assay Tests for the Clinical Lab and Research Scientist. The business was focused on two specific areas: Infectious Disease and Biomarkers of Organ and Tissue Damage. Biotrin licensed the technology for an Immuno Assay to detect Antibodies against Parvovirus B19 from Leiden University in the Netherlands and the NIH in USA. The virus is very important in pregnancy where lack of immunity in the mother can present a very significant risk to the foetus. During the 1990's Biotrin built a very strong position in Parvovirus testing worldwide, eventually capturing 80% of the total testing market. In 1999 FDA clearance was received for two Parvovirus Assays, making them the first (and still the only) Parvovirus Assays to be approved for sale in the USA. The manufacturing site in Dublin was inspected by FDA as part of the approval process and since then has been inspected a further 5 times. In 2008 the Infectious Disease part of Biotrin was acquired by DiaSorin S.p.A (The Biomarker business was spun out to a separate company, Argutus Medical, prior to the sale). The Parvovirus Assays were adapted onto the LIAISON® Platform and launched in Jan 2010. Biotrin continued to manufacture the Microtitre plate Parvovirus Assay but Biotrin's R&D team converted from Immunoassay Development to Molecular Development. The LAMP Technology for Nucleic Acid Detection, which was licensed by DiaSorin from the Eiken Chemical Company in Japan, was transferred to Dublin in 2009, along with some key staff from DiaSorin's Research Center in Milan. In order to accommodate the new Molecular Manufacturing requirements, a new facility was sourced and re-developed in Dublin and this was opened in Sept. 2011. A portfolio of Infectious Disease and Oncology products, along with an Analyser (LIAISON® IAM) is under development and the initial Infectious Disease Assays (VZV, BKV, Parvovirus, Toxoplasma and CMV) were launched, along with the LIAISON® IAM, since Oct 2012. Biotrin changed its name to DiaSorin Ireland Ltd in Oct. 2012.