DiaSorin Inc.

1951 Northwestern Avenue - P.O. Box 285

Stillwater Minnesota USA

+1.651.439.9710 / +1.800.328.1482

Type of sites: 

  • Industrial site
  • R&D Sites
  • Branch
Key competences
Expertise in Chemical, Biological and Engineering sciences which support the manufacturing of innovative and novel immunoassay reagents • Quality control methods and industry standards that support our customer’s product requirements • Protein chemistry including conjugation and purification of antibodies and antigens • Bone and Mineral, Endocrinology and Stool Assay expertise that consistently delivers new products to the Supply Chain


  • CLIA
  • RIA

Clinical areas: 

  • Bone&Mineral/Endocrinology/Infectious diseases/Therapeutic drug monitoring/Autoimmune diseases/serum protein

Formed as ImmunoNuclear Corporation (IncStar) in 1975 then moved to Stillwater location. In 1997 American Standard acquired the European medical diagnostic business of Sorin Biomedica S.p.A. and Incstar Corporation and created the Medical System Group of American Standard with the addition of Sienna Biotech Inc. and renamed DiaSorin. After the DiaSorin management  buyout in 2000, DiaSorin Inc. was established as a wholly subsidiary of DiaSorin Srl (now DiaSorin S.p.A.). Completed a manufacturing rationalization DiaSorin Inc becomes the Center of Excellence of Bone and Mineral Manufacturing.