A success story

  • Origin

    Sorin is founded by Fiat and Montecatini as a nuclear energy production research company.

  • Development

    Sorin developed the in vitro diagnostic business (IVD), mainly focusing on the European market.

  • DiaSorin s.r.l.

    Sorin acquired control of the American Incstar Inc. which was active in the in in vitro diagnostics (IVD). All the activities related to IVD were spun off into a company called DiaSorin srl, which was then sold to American Standard Inc.

  • Management buyout

    A major management buyout operation was backed by the Finde Group and other financial and industrial investors.

  • ELISA technology

    In 2002 DiaSorin acquires BYC Sangtec and the rights for the LIAISON platform. In the same period it converted ELISA technology into CLIA.


    The commercial expansion led to the opening of new branches in Mexico, Israel and China. The LIAISON® portfolio was enriched with products for new and clinical “specialty” areas.

  • Stock market debut

    On July 19 DiaSorin was listed on the Stock Exchange.

  • Molecular diagnostics

    2008: Biotrin, world leader in the testing of Parvovirus, joined the Group. DiaSorin bought the license from Eiken Chemical for the use of LAMP technology, dedicated to Molecular Diagnostics.

  • Strategic acquisitions

    DiaSorin launched the LIAISON XL on the market and acquired the Murex productline and Elisa products from Abbott.The company expanded its presence in Europe, Asia and Africa and signed anagreement with PSS for developing the LIAISON IAM.

  • Molecular Diagnostics

    DiaSorin acquired NorDiag, specialized in the extraction of nucleicacids and launched on the market the first products on the LIAISON IXT and LIAISON IAM systems.The company opened a new subsidiary in India, JV DiaSorin-Trivitron.

  • The expansion doesn’t stop

    The strategic agreement with Roche allowed the connectivity of the LIAISON XL System to the cobas 8100 platform in the high volume laboratories requesting to fully automate their diagnostic processes. New and unique specialty tests available on CLIA technology were launched worldwide. DiaSorin continued its expansion in the most important markets.

  • Consolidation and new perspectives

    The success of the LIAISON XL and DiaSorin tests continued. The company obtained the approval of Hepatitis, Retrovirus tests in China and extended its master agreement with Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings till 2018. DiaSorin launched new tests to detect leukemias.

  • A strategic partnership

    DiaSorin signed a partnership agreement with Beckman Coulter for the commercialization in China of DiaSorin Hepatitis and HIV tests. The company continued to develop and launch on the market specialty tests, becoming the company with the largest menu available on CLIA technology. Launch of the two fastest molecular diagnostic tests in the world to detect fulminant leukemias.

  • DiaSorin today and tomorrow

    Consistent with its commitment to innovation, DiaSorin is constantly renovating and expanding its product line, focusing on the specialized segments of infectious diseases, endocrinology and autoimmune diseases and developing new technologies. DiaSorin strongly believes in the importance of strengthening its direct presence and steadily works to broaden the coverage of its distribution organization.