LIAISON® LymeDetect®

The new paradigm in EARLY Lyme borreliosis detection

DiaSorin strives to improve health-care around the globe through the development of innovative diagnostic solutions that can lead to better patient outcomes and provide economic benefits to the healthcare system. Thanks to its team of dedicated scientists, DiaSorin has developed a new concept assay to maximize EARLY Lyme borreliosis detection through a unique combination of humoral and cell mediated immunity.

The unique diagnostic value of B cells combined with T cells
LIAISON® LymeDetect® is an innovative approach to EARLY Lyme disease diagnostics that combines LIAISON® Borrelia IgG and IgM CLIA assays, with the patented QuantiFERON® IGRA technology.
This potent combination ensures effective diagnosis of Lyme disease within weeks of contact with an infected tick, with concrete benefits for physicians, patients and laboratories.

Faster detection means fewer health issues
EARLY diagnosis of Lyme disease can identify and treat patients before severe illness develops.
LIAISON® LymeDetect® has demonstrated a significant improvement in sensitivity vs standard two-tiered testing (sTTT) in the first 21 days of the infection, from 48.5% (sTTT) to 73.5% with LIAISON® LymeDetect®.
Unlike cumbersome sTTT, LIAISON® LymeDetect® can respond to EARLY detection needs and reduce untreated infections that often lead to serious multi-organ complications.

Streamlined EARLY Lyme borreliosis detection
The fully automated and traceable workflow allows easy integration into daily lab routines and virtually eliminates the cumbersome hands-on and subjective reading of the current standard of care.
Unlike manual processes, which introduce the likelihood of simple human error, LIAISON® LymeDetect® is a closed-loop system that ensures clear, reliable diagnostics for optimized workflows and better results.

One clear diagnosis in one single step
After loading the three reagent integrals on the LIAISON® XL or LIAISON® XS analyzer to automatically perform the CLIA assays, results are combined in a single qualitative assay. Giving you a clear diagnosis in as little as 24 hours.
LIAISON® LymeDetect® is a powerful and cost-effective solution to increase diagnostic efficiency, optimize resources and limit chronic medical conditions.

Easy, efficient and highly reliable
With concrete performance in the EARLY detection of Lyme disease, LIAISON® LymeDetect® delivers diagnostic innovation you can rely on.

Trademarks: QIAGEN®, Sample to Insight®, QFT®, QuantiFERON® (QIAGEN Group), LIAISON® (DiaSorin), LIAISON® LymeDetect® (DiaSorin).


LIAISON® LymeDetect®
The new paradigm in EARLY Lyme borreliosis detection




  • Qualitative assay for the EARLY detection of Lyme borreliosis
  • A unique combination of LIAISON® IgG and IgM CLIA assays with the patented QuantiFERON® IGRA technology
  • Clinical Sensitivity of 73.53% (95% CI: 61.99% - 82.55%) compared with 48.53% (95% CI: 37.05% - 60.17%) of the standard two-tiered testing (sTTT) in the first 3 weeks of infection
  • Clinical Specificity of 100% (95% CI: 97.98% – 100%) in healthy subjects