Q-LAMP technology on LIAISON® Iam

Our technology solutions

Q-LAMP is an isothermal amplification method with a unique set of characteristics that differentiate the techology form PCR. By utilizing the characteristics of Q-LAMP, DiaSorin have been able to tailor the technology to provide improvements for the molecular diagnosis of Leukemias.

Q-LAMP is isothermal

The reaction proceeds at constant temperature without the need for the complex thermal cycling profiles used in PCR. Therefore instrumentation and reaction parameters for Q-LAMP are simplified and more easily implemeted into your laboratories routine.

Q-LAMP does Reverse Transcription and Amplification in one step

The enzyme used in our Q-LAMP technology combines reverse transcription activity, amplification and strand displacement. This results in a controlled and predictable single tube reaction for RNA targets.

Q-LAMP is robust

Q-LAMP is not affected by common PCR inhibitors found in clinical samples. Experimentation has also shown that Q-LAMP is tolerant of partial RNA degradation and to suboptimal quantities of RNA extracted from clinical samples.

Q-LAMP is reliable

The single step reaction decreases the risks associated with multi-step procedures. The presence of an intenal control provides confidence, when reporting negative results, that the reaction has not been compromised.

Q-LAMP is rapid

The Q-LAMP reaction can be set up in under 15 minutes, with results available in around 40 minutes. In addition, with real time monitoring of the reaction, a preliminary indication of possitive results is available within 15-20 minutes.

Q-LAMP is specific

Our assays have been extensively optimized and tested to avoid primer dimers and a specific signal effects.



Real time monitoring

Incubation at constant temperature and real time monitoring of fluorescence in 3 separate channels. With amplification curves visible on screen.

Small footprint

The compact design takes up a very small amount of bench top space enabling the instrument to be easily positioned in even the smallest laboratory.

Contamination Control

Reaction tube strips are specifically designed to seal on closure and prevent re-opening of the tube post amplification. Thus limiting the possibility of contamination with amplicons.


The user friendly graphical user interface driven software guides the user during assay set up and automates result calling. Simplyfying set-up and removing the need for subjective interpretation of results. The software also aids traceability by storing information on the reagent lots used each time an assay is run.


Quality control

The LIAISON® Iam instrument, and all Q-LAMP assays are fully CE-IVD accredited and are specifcally designed and Quality Assured, to meet the needs of rapid and reliable molecular diagnosis in onco-hematology.

For further information on our Q-LAMP products for onco-hematology applications, or to place an order, please contact your local DiaSorin representative.