DiaBox is the DiaSorin solution to create a single work station from which, behind a single operating screen, it is possible to activate all the necessary processes to perform analyses and monitor results, in accordance with the requirements of the analyzers.
DiaBox can display up to 4 sources simultaneously, replicating the operating software of the connected analyzers in every function.
The display mode is flexible and can be single in full-screen mode, or overlay a number of software tools in Quad or PiP mode.
DiaBox currently allows the display of LIAISON®, LIAISON® XL, ETI-Max, LIAISON® XLine and Middleware DiaLink 3000 analyzers.
Easy to install and simple to use, DiaBox improves operating processes by eliminating time spent moving from one work station to another, speeds up monitoring and comparison operations and simplifies the traceability of processes and results.