DiaSorin South Africa (PTY) Ltd.

22 Kyalami Blvd

Kyalami Business Park

1684 Kyalami

+27 11 799 3200
+27 11 466 2828

Type of sites: 

  • Industrial site
  • Branch
Key competences
The site has a strong core competence in HCV rare reagent manufacture. This includes: Monoclonal antibody production using hollow fiber technology. Fermentation of bacteria for the generation of recombinant antigens. Purification of antibodies, antigens, and conjugated rare reagents. Various protein based analytical techniques. Extensive experience in the biochemistry associated with the conjugation of enzymes to antibodies, antigens, and peptides. An in-depth knowledge pertaining to large scale bulk manufacture. Expertise in the processing of rare reagent containing bulk reagents. An in-process quality control group which ensures the following: Titration/qualification of rare reagents prior to further processing.Testing of rare reagent containing bulk reagents prior to filling. Managing the compatibility of key components by kit lot. Testing the homogeneity of coated ELISA 96 well plates. An experienced kit pack group capable of managing high throughputs to meet customer demand.



Clinical areas: 

  • Hepatitis

Due to patent restrictions placed on HCV manufacturing and distribution during the 1990’s, the manufacturing site for Murex HCV (microplates) was established in South Africa. The premises was leased during 1996, and the facility which at that point was used as a Distribution warehouse, was converted into a state-of-the art diagnostic manufacturing facility. In June 2010 the site was acquired by DiaSorin S.p.A., together with the UK site and the Murex business.