Mission & Values

DiaSorin focused its business on improving the health and quality of people’s lives, through high-quality diagnostic products. The DiaSorin and Group’s activities business share a deep-rooted commitment to help people improve the quality of their lives, through the early detection of potential clinical diseases.

Through its research activity and the following expansion of its immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic products, DiaSorin supports clinical laboratory needs and activities, providing solutions that are:

  • reliable
  • innovative
  • fully automated and standardized
  • easy to use
  • affordable

The continuous improvement of its products quality and the constant expansion of its menus addressed to laboratories are the main reason for the Group’s success, as well as the pillar for its growth in future.

Five shared points

DiaSorin’s successful products and continuous development are more than a mix of experience, research, technology, high quality standards, and attention to details. The sharing of five core assets - at all levels and in all our company activities - are the pillars of our business model.


Our daily activities are carried out to fulfil our customers’ expectations. We always strive to offer complete and integrated solutions to satisfy all the laboratory needs with flexibility.


Ethics, expertise, passion, commitment, respect: human resources are at the core of our Group and our most valuable resource.


DiaSorin is a leader in the in vitro diagnostic segment. This leadership is also a great responsibility. As a leader we have to be an example and stay the course: where and how do we want to develop our Company? What do we do to turn our efforts into material and useful results for our customers and patients?


We carry out best-in-class performance because:

- we are Pioneers of our market: we innovate the market with technologies and products that meet and forestall our clients’ needs.
- we believe in quality, trying to be always reliable.
- we believe in reliability, trying always to keep what we promise.


We constantly invest in Research and Development to deliver a high level of innovation through our own distinctive expertise in the field of immunodiagnostics.